8 minutes by bicycle to Okayama University and Okayama University of Science.

Shared residence in Okayama

TUBASA HOUSE Resident recruitment
Fun with friends.♪
Inexpensive rent(25,000~35,000 yen)、You can move in with minimal baggage.♬
Women-only Shared residence in a green residential area near Okadai, Rikodai, and Houkaiin station. TUBASA HOUSE。
Students who are a little nervous about living alone in a rented apartment or condominium can also feel safe and secure with their friends.
Furniture and appliances are included, making it easy to prepare for moving in.
There is no curfew like in a dormitory, so you can use your time freely.
Low rent and exchange of information with roommates, great for working people.
They also decide and follow their own rules for comfortable living, so communal living can begin smoothly.
Experience new values and grow as well.Such a life is available at our share house!

There are many other things to recommend! …*+*…*+*…*+*

Deposit and key money None Rent, common expenses, home contents insurance only
Fixed common service fees include electricity, gas, water, internet usage, and shared supplies.
Private rooms with locks to ensure privacy 
Eliminates the hassle of shopping (Management company regularly replenishes 30 items of shared supplies)
Regular cleaning by a contractor is included.

Residents' Voices‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧✧‧

N, college student
In a word, TSUBASA HOUSE is "a house with loose connections.
The first floor is mainly common space including the living room and kitchen, while the second floor is for each resident's private room, allowing residents to move between public and private spaces at their own pace.
I believe that this circulation within the house allows us to live freely and comfortably.
My favorite places are the garden and the porch on the first floor.
I feel very comfortable spending time there alone or with my roommates, reading a book or eating a meal.
My roommates were of various nationalities, ages, and occupations, and their cultures and values differed from mine, but TUBASAHOUSE has an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance.
In addition to being fully furnished and equipped with household appliances, the house is also generously supported by a caretaker who replenishes daily necessities and a cleaner who regularly cleans the common areas, making for a comfortable communal living experience.
Please visit TSUBASA HOUSE. We are looking forward to seeing you!
We are looking forward to seeing you!

■Rent 25,000-35,000 yen
■Common service fee 12,000 yen/month
■Household contents insurance 8,000 yen/year
■Structure: Wooden 2 stories 
■Date built February 1989 (Bathrooms and toilets have been remodeled)
■Address: 7-48-11 Hokaiin, Kita-ku, Okayama City
Bath/Toilet Separate Fired-flow water Bathroom heater/dryer Washlet Shampoo dresser Air conditioner Lighting equipment Free Wi-Fi Refrigerator Washing machine TV Microwave Toaster 3 burner IH stove Storage space   Parking space for bicycles Post box Yard

plan of a house

1st floor

2nd floor

shared space

Living room 12 square meters, facing south


entrance hall

Spacious dining room and kitchen


Spacious bathtub



Room A

■Rent 35,000 yen
■Floor Plan 1F Tatami room 8 tatami mats
Next to the entrance, an 8 square meter Japanese-style room with plenty of storage space. There are windows on the south and north sides for good ventilation.

Room B

■Rent 25,000 yen
■Floor Plan 2F Tatami room 6 tatami mats
The room has been converted to a Western-style room by laying cushion flooring over the tatami mats. It is a corner room with windows on the south and west sides. 6 square meters. It also has a large storage space.

Room C

■Rent 30,000 yen
■Floor plan: Western-style room (6 tatami mats) on the 2nd floor
The room has 6 square meters flooring and plenty of storage space. The window on the south side is also large and bright.

Room D

■Rent 25,000 yen
■Floor plan: Western-style room (4.5 tatami mats) on the 2nd floor
This compact room has a bay window on the east side and a window on the north side. It is also the most reasonably priced.

Room E

■Rent 28,000 yen
■Floor plan: 5 tatami mats Western-style room on the 2nd floor
This room has a private veranda. There is also a bay window on the east side, which provides a good view.

◆Convenient transportation
(Bicycle time to the nearest station)
Short walk from Ridai Senmon Gakko Exit by Okaden Bus 30 minutes to Okayama Station by bus
JR Tsuyama Line "Hokaiin Station" 6 min. 4mins to Okayama Station by train. JR "Okayama Station" 20 min.  3.8km
Okayama University of Science 5 min.  750m
Okayama University Tsushima Campus 8 min.  1.4km
◆shopping(Bicycle time)
Lawson Okayama Kitagata 3 min.  800m Seven-Eleven Okayama Kitagata Store 4 min.  950m
Zagzag Kitagata 5 min.  1.1km
La Moutain Okayama Chuo Store(Zagzag, Nishimatsuya, UNIQLO, g.u., Daiso)7 minutes  1.5km
Marunaka Nakaimachi store (open 24 hours) 8 min.  1.8km
Tenmaya Happy Town Kouhoku 9 min.  2km
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